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KW Telescope has been committed to providing quality telescopes, accessories, service and good advice, while maintaining affordable prices for the past 8 years. The addition of the Perceptor name adds another 30 years to this heritage. We are owned and operated by experienced astronomers who provide the highest level of assistance with utmost patience and courtesy.

Our 3200 square foot facility is filled with a selection of telescope packages that are suitable for beginners to experts. We also have a huge selection of optics and accessories, binoculars, microscopes and observing aids.

The store features framed astrophotos throughout taken by us and by our customers. These beautiful photos showcase what can be done by amateur astronomers with modest cameras and equipment. The photos you see on this website are also contributed by customers using equipment and training they received from us.

We provide in-store training and seminars in our classroom facility. This ensures long term after-sale support and guidance to help customers get the most value from their purchase.

We also provide public and corporate services in the forms of on-site talks, lunch & learns, and star parties.


KW Telescope is owned and operated by astronomers Brady Johnson and Brian Dernesch. Both are active in promoting astronomy within the community and within the local astronomy club.

Dr. Brady Johnson, founder and Education Director of KW Telescope-Perceptor, served 6 years on the executive council of the KW Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada including three years as Vice President, two years as President, and one as Past President.

Brian Dernesch is co-owner and Business Manager of KW Telescope-Perceptor, and has been an amateur astronomer for most of his life. A member of the Grand Valley Astronomers- the precursor to the now Kitchener Centre of The RASC, Brian’s enthusiasm for the hobby of amateur astronomy and of space exploration in general fuel a commitment to service.

Brady has given many talks at club meetings, and is a regular contributor to the club's professional newsletter. Both Brady and Brian can often be found presenting a talk and showing off the latest in astronomical equipment at astronomy clubs in and around southwestern Ontario, as well as at major star parties including Canada's largest annual star party, Starfest. 

Brady has been an industry consultant for telescope and accessory design since the store began doing business in 2004. Both Brady and Brian are active in product development and work hard to put new products and innovations in the hands of fellow enthusiasts. FotoSharp and the KWIQ Guider are two examples of products developed by KW Telescope-Perceptor.

If you have a question regarding our product line or a general question concerning astronomy, the KW Telescope-Perceptor Team is there to help. Please come visit us!

Brady and Brian
KW Telescope
25 Manitou Drive, Unit 3D
Kitchener, ON
Canada N2C 1K9